Guys like me revisited again

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I'm a big plotty ethnic guy who admits I can't c!@@m.A decent ethnic provider decided to take me on as long as she said I was "Clean and respectful".She asked me about a incident from years ago with a BBW provider who is from Ohio.She gave me a chance.I showed up and my body started sweating and I walked in drenched but she let me take a cold shower and dry off with towels and hair dryer.The problem is when she one over I blew a was it started going all over the place and it but her in thebstomaxh and lef.I ran into the bath room and put a plastic trash bag over ir.She started yelling calling me a dirty smelly animal...She told me to leave and I did...I feel since she ethnic I have the right to see her because there's not many ethnic providers here..what y'all think

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