Millennials-BBFS Days Are Over!!!

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I started hobbying 11 years ago. BBBJ was no problem. There was only a few that will refuses BBFS. Do I fear pregnancy? I use spermicide that I purchase from the drug store. I have emergency contraceptive to give to the escort if they are afraid of pregnancy or they didn't take the pill.

The economy changes. Generation X and Y providers started to drop out. The millenials started took over the escorting scene.

Generation X and Y hookers and escort took BBFS as a treat. They want it because it feels good and they don't get it from the clients.

Then in 2017, I cannot find BBFS anymore. What I found out is the Millennials took over the escorting scene.

Many of these Millennial escorts and street hookers are bi who are Lesbians. They do it for the money.

The new escorts and street hookers that comes on the scene refuses to offer BBFS. On top of that, they also refuses to do BBBJ.

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