Divanessa-Aman Show You Persons!!!

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The person is a mummy. It is dead. A person is a corporation. A corporation make up of a corporate body. A corporate body is the corpse. You have to be a zombie to be a person.

A person which is an individual is a single corporation. An individual is a single mummy. The music video "Aman" shows that the person can be activated by frequency coming from the violin.

For certain commerce application, there must be an group of mummy gather into a corporation. In Divanessa-Aman music video, the multiple mummies are needed to create several band of frequency at one time.

You can watch the music video by entering the following into Youtube Search Engine or entering the URL.

Divanessa - Aman (Official music video)

or https://youtu.be/qPQC_xd22o8

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