Dr. Who-Ood Gave The Cops Head!!!

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The Ood was in prison because the body was given instead of giving the cops head. The instrument was the act of sexual intercourse that was the cause of the crime that led to the imprisonment of the Oods.

Prostitution means the giving or receiving of the body for sexual activity for hire but excludes sexual activity between spouses.-Florida Statutes 796.07

The cops wrote a nice story about they got their private parts touch by the Oods. The statutes make it criminal to touch the sex organs. The definition of touch is joining the body to the body and not the body to the head. The terms of the agreement on the instrument was to join the head to the head.

Attorneys at (our) law wrote the instrument behind the scene. Attorneys are near and out of the law but not in the law. The prosecutor charges the Ood ALL CAPITAL NAME account. That means to add funds. The instrument which is the deed real and personal property of sexual intercourse was monetized. The instrument demand the Ood to give head.

The attorneys at(our) law behind the scene gave the body of Christ which instead of the head of Jesus. The body of Christ was the counterfeit and the substitute to the head of Jesus. The parasite took advantage of the counterfeit. They shapeshifted to become human.

In court, the cop testify the Ood agree to the instrument. The Ood didn’t know the difference. The attorneys out law did the crime. The customer got rip off by having a countefeit deliver to them.

In prison, the Ood got baptized and Dr. Who sew white baptism stone. The stone is made by Aleister Crowley's method.

The baptism stone is made by BBFS and anal sex. The final method is to make the diamond. Then an embryo was placed up the woman’s ass. When the guy put his dick into the butt hole and cum in the ass, the sperm fertilize the ET embryo. The embryo stick to the anus. When it becomes a mass, then the girl poop into a container. These alien beings can be harvested and fossilized. Then it is wrapped around the diamond.

The attorneys took out instrument through identity thief that requires giving cops head. They monetize it. The Ood found out and gave the final last supper of the cops. Once they are free, they remain free because they fulfill the terms of the instrument. The terms is to give the cops head.

The final last supper of Jesus that the cops received is being shock by the BBFS and anal sex stone.

You can watch the video about the Ood gave the cops head in prison by typing " Dr. Who- The Ood Attack! - Planet of the Ood - Doctor Who - BBC."

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