California v Freeman-Porn Production Case

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The politicians are shapeshifters ET. So they cannot write the statutes pass commerce. The courts already state that commerce is necessary for a prostitution case.

the word -person- includes a corporation as well as a natural person"- California Penal Code 7

The person is a corporation and a natural person. Egyptian mummy were used to traffic spirits of the dead. The outer coffin got instruction for the spirit to move between persons. So the corporation which is the living dead is necessary to traffic doves.

For prostitution to happen, it needs a church choir. It has to be three or more persons to be a corporation. The natural person is one. So there are a min of 4 persons before prostitution can happens. The natural person is the owner or agent of the corporation. The cops misidentify you as the church choir or Assembly of God.

The judge and the attorneys want you to be an actor or agent. That is being Jesus of Nazareth. You are the one that is going to jail or paying the fine for the church choir's crime.

The church choir gives multiple frequency in music to activate doves the communion wafers. The body of Christ is necessary for commerce. The churches are in commerce. You cannot eat the Last Supper of Jesus alone and get the high because multiple frequencies are needed to activate the communion. You need a church choir which is your corporate body for the communion to work.

The American Indians knew that there are different spirits in different organs. The sex trafficking is trafficking the doves in sex organs or communication using doves between sex organs.

The communication is necessary for ET to call home. Doves can travel faster than the speed of light. The doves transmitted from one sex organs to another in another planet thousands of light years away is necessary for ET to get a ride home.

Why there is no customer in porn production? If apply the common word (general population definition) -customer- to porn production , there are customers of porn. The porn producer is a customer. The people buying the porn video are customer.

The People v. Freeman case was about selling doves. Since no doves were being purchase and sold, there is no customer. A customer is a buyer for the purpose of reselling it for profit.

The dick gets hard and the girl getting wet is sexual arousal. In common terms, the porn stars are getting sexual arousal or gratification in the porn video.

So why did the California Supreme Court state the porn stars didn't get sexual arousal or gratification.

The sexual arousal has to do with doves hawking. Sexual is the word to describe the doves of the sex organs.

If you look at the word -gratification-. it is reward for services. The services can be ET calling home or being a semi-truck drivers for doves.

The logic is clear. Orgasm, getting the girl wet, and getting your dick hard is NOT sexual arousal or gratification. The courts already state that the porn actors are not doing it for sexual arousal or gratification.

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