Lawrence v. Texas- Gay Guys Were Not Selling Doves!!

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What determines the outcome of the case is how the case is being fought. The commerce presumption was rebutted in California v Freeman and Lawrence v Texas.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME is a franchise of the United States or the State. The Upper and Lowercase name is the agent/owner of the franchise.

The criminal case is about franchise tax or rent collection. Jean Keating Prison Treatise website document about criminal case are tax collection activities. The penal bill is found in the judge's or Federal Reserve Bank docket. Only attorneys and judges are allow to view it.

For Lawrence v. Texas, it was about gay guys calling home for ET. The deviant sexual intercourse requires sending doves between sex organs.

The doves are transmitted from the penis on earth to a planet in outer-space and pick up by the anus thousands of light years away. The anal doves travel faster than the speed of light.

Aliester Crowley tried to form this organ to help ET call home (See Anal Intercourse-Rocket to Uranus Website).

The cops arrested Lawrence and Gardner for trying to call home for the ETs. Since the state's sex organs was used, there was rent due. Lawrence and Gardner had to pay the rent that why they were criminally charged.)

Texas Penal Code defined the word "act" to includes speech. Somehow the presumption of transmission doves for ETs were rebutted.

The two gay guys giving blow jobs and get F--k up the a** was noncommercial because there was no doves being sold or transmitted for a profit.

The US Supreme Court didn't grant gay guys the rights under the 14th amendment. The court implied their rights were secured by the 14th amendment because they were not in commerce.

In commerce, the courts have to grant rights based on the US Constitution.

Since there was no commerce involved with sodomy of two gay guy, the courts had no jurisdiction over this matter.

The US Supreme Court free the two gay guys from paying rent or franchise taxes because they didn't sell doves or uses the state's sex organs to sell doves.

California Code is based on common law of England, Common Law is based on the bible. Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and said to the ones selling doves not to make his father's house a house of merchandise (commerce). The lewd act is the carnal act. It is physical in the 4th dimension and spiritual in the 3rd dimension.

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