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Commerce never leaves the realm of selling doves. Jesus threw the money changers out of the temple and said to the ones selling doves not to make his father's house a house of merchandise (commerce). The archons that run the State of Illinois cannot pass the realm of commerce.

The person perform (execute) the failure or omission to take action of sexual penetration is the person selling the doves that scan the surface of the sex organs or hunts doves that comes onto the sex organs but doesn't penetrate.

The failure or omission is the the superficial doves. The act of sexual penetration or touching or handling for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification means the doves of the sex organ hawking.

The touching is only contact with the surface of the sex organs but never penetrate.

The word -arousal- in etymology means hawking. Sexual hawking is peddling goods. Some of the cities issue hawking licenses to disable veterans.

How about gratification? The word "gratification" means pleasing appetite. That is sending doves to eat other doves. These doves are predatorial doves. Selling these doves is considered gratification. These are also hawking doves.

Why do the archon elitist gave the physicist the name Stephen Hawking? He have the doves of sexual scanning but his doves cannot penetrate. He is so disable. His spirit doesn't even go though his sex organs. Since no spirit, he cannot get his dick hard. I doubt he can even get his dick hard when he is with an escort.

The archons control the world through the Vatican. It doesn't matter if the group is a hate group or anti-hate group. It is under their control. The Neo-Nazis, KKK, and Black Panthers are controlled by the Vatican through Freemasonry.

The Vatican control Steven Hawking. If the Vatican doesn't control Steven Hawking, he will not be a professor and never be famous. The secret societies gave this physicist the name Steven Hawking on purpose.

Steven Hawking can only stay within the superficial 4th dimensional realm. He cannot see God that why he is atheist. God is found in the sex organs. The sex organs has the creativity power which is God.

The disable veterans that getting the license have a hard time getting their dick hard that why they issue them. They have the hawking spirit.

The State of Illinois is collect franchise taxation for the sale of the doves. That is what the criminal charges is about.

-Act- includes a failure or omission to take action. -720 ILCS 5/2-2

(a) Any person who knowingly performs, offers or agrees to perform any act of sexual penetration as defined in Section 11-0.1 of this Code for anything of value, or any touching or fondling of the sex organs of one person by another person, for anything of value, for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification commits an act of prostitution.-720 ILCS 5/11-14

arouse (v.) 1590s, -awaken, stir to action- (transitive), from a- (1) "on" + rouse....-Online Etymology Dictionary

rouse (v.)... originally used in English of hawks shaking the feathers of the body,- Online Etymology Dictionary

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