CFS nightmare started in 2017!!!

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STDs are 4th dimension diseases that only affect ET shapeshifters. It doesn't affect me. That why I don't worry about STDs in hobbying.

I used to pick up hooker off the street. I used vagina contraceptive film and did bareback full service. Most girls did BBFS. It was a few that objected but almost all offer BBBJ at least. There were very few that only offer CFS.

I even did some internet hobbying. I didn't have trouble to talk most escorts into BBFS.

Then the economy changed. The BBFS and BBBJ girls started to disappear because of lack of customer

On the streets, the girls only offer CFS. The number of BBFS girls started to go down in number.

On the streets, many CFS cannot find work. The guys don't patronize them because they won't do BBBJ.

Now, in the late part of 2017, the CFS is in full swing. Some girl claim they will do BBFS. When you get to the room, then they switch into CFS.

I cannot even trust any internet escort. I don't want to be disappointed that they only offer CFS or BBBJ and no BBFS. BBFS is what I am looking for.

Yes, there are well reviewed girls. But they are BBBJ girls. I cannot be sure they are BBFS.

I like my dick suck to start off but I don't feel good cum in mouth. I want to finish it off by cumming in the sweet p-----.

Nevada is the neighboring state. I don't want to visit the brothel because they offer only CFS. The rule in the licensed Nevada brothel is that no condom means no sex.

I never want to use a condom. Condom on my dick is a nightmare.

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