Quaqmire Spirit In Condom-Commerce

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The archons which is in the 4th dimension only have jurisdiction over commerce. Without commerce, there is no authority. The US Courts authority is over commerce (Article I Section 8). Commerce is the buying and selling the spirit.

The secret societies have to put the Quagmire (Family Guy Character) spirit in condoms to put it in commerce.

The Family Guy shows it clearly that Quagmire spirit is found in condoms. Secret societies put the information somewhere what they have done.

Quagmire has to be reincarnated to be the spirit that is put in the condom. The reincarnation is going into the carnation flower. Then he becomes an unborn human. The spirit of the unborn human being which is the reincarnated Quagmire is what is used in condoms.

UCC defined the goods to includes unborn animals and crops. One of the definition of animal in Ballentine's law dictionary is brutish human. Human is an ET animal that shape-shift to look like man. The crops is the carnation flower.

If you are a condom manufacturer and refuses to put the Quagmire spirit in the condoms, the secret societies will boycott your condoms and you will close down soon. The major retailers are operated by secret societies. If you don't put Quaqmire spirit, they won't order your brand of condoms and stock the shelves with your brand of condoms.

Without the Quaqmire spirit, the condom is not a good. The US Courts don't have jurisdiction. That will create problems when there is a lawsuit involving condom without Quaqmire spirit.

Since the secret societies cannot control the brand of condoms without Quaqmire spirit, they will make sure your brand of condoms never become popular.

If you want to watch the Quagmire video clip, type "Quagmire Condom" in the Youtube Search Engine.

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