Services are Spirits of Born Human!!!

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The word -services- means labor. Labor is when a woman give birth. The word -services- comes from the Latin root that is shared with the word -cervix-. Cervix also means neck.

Goods includes unborn animal and crops. That is the UCC definition. One of the definition of animal in Ballentine's Law dictionary is brutish human. Human are shapeshifting Extra-Terrestrial beings.

So goods are opposite to services. Services is the spirit of the born human which is labor. Goods involve the spirit of the unborn fetuses.

The con game is to make you believe that your job is services. That is how the ET steals your energy.

In feudalism, the lords requires the serf to give them services.

Instead of giving the certificate of baptism that contains the services, the serf got con into give their job.

By the serf body working, energy is released. The ET which are the fallen angels harvest the energy from the serf because of their physical exertion.

The con is still the same. When someone get busted in the prostitution sting, the attorney tell the client that they are criminally charged with selling sexual services.

The sexual services is not the blow job. The sexual services is the selling of the spirit which is the doves of the sex organs of the born human being.

The client got con into giving community services to pay for their crime. The ETs in the 4th dimension and the shapeshifter take advantage of the client got con. They harvest the energy coming out of the client for physical and mental exertion in community services.

Time is also a con game. Time is money. It is something else. Services is like electric. It is measured in units. The time is the unit of services.

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