The Pyramids Band- "Penetration"

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The Vatican is the government above all governments and the religion above all religion through commerce. The Pyramid sBand is approved by Vatican.

One of the definition of the word "organ" is an instrument in legal dictionaries. The Pyramids played the song called "penetration." Pyramid is used in ancient Egypt to generate static electric.

The penetration music will sale the static electrical doves called penetration.

Sexual penetration is an static electrical doves from sex organs that is used by shape shifters to come into this dimension.

Another name for these energy is called death. Newsboys sang in the music called "The Cross Has The Final Words" that he traded death for eternal life. In Dr. Who, "Fisher King Before The Flood", Dr. Oz claim that the Fisher King stole the people's death. The penetration is the lighting associated with the Frankenstein Monster.

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