Church Service-Help My Dick in Hobbying

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The canabalism by the souls in all the product causes overactivity. The Vatican is the government above all governments and the religion above all religions through commerce.

If the product doesn't contains the spirit, it will not make it in the mass market. All perfumes, foods, fertilizer, steel, construction material, condoms, sex toys, cleaning products, shampoo, etc. contains the souls.

The souls which are spirits of humans are used in used in the products or else won't make the mass market. Mystery Babylon is about the selling of products with human souls.

The souls combined with frequency from cell phones, TV, radio, music, etc. causes a hyper-activity. The hyper-activity cause me hard time to keep my dick hard in BBFS. There are times that I cannot keep it hard and lost in hobbying. There are other times that I need allot of sensation to keep the dick hard. Sometimes I cum but the orgasm was not that good.

Now I attend church every week and take communion. All churches are controlled by the Vatican. The one catholic church control all the churches. All churches answer to the black pope which is the Roman Emperor. Pope Francis is only the bishop of Rome. The ETs allow the church to give remedy to the hyperactivity dick dysfunction.

The church music and communion correct for the over-activity by commerce though commerce. The church is in commerce because they are involve with spirit movement.

After I keep the commitment to attend church regular, I am guarantee a hard dick every time and fantastic orgasm. I no longer have hyper-activity dick dysfunction.

The hooker like my dick better because it stay hard and it is easier for the hooker to receive orgasm.

I get better orgasm in BBFS because I receive a correction for commercial hyper-activity through church services.

The movie Soylent Green is about the human meat factory. Conspiracy theorist believe that human meat is used in Mcdonald's and Burger King hamburger. McD and Burger King executive will be stupid to use human meat in the hamburger because they can be caught. I believe that they use the souls of human fast foods. It is not limited to McD and Burger King but all fast foods chains.

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