All Scientist Are Controlled By Secret Societies!!!

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JFK already state that the secret society control sciences. Attorneys and secret society members control the universities and colleges. If you want to be a science professor, you will have to be a member of a secret society.

The secret society will let you get a Bachelors degree in a physical science like physics, chemistry, or biology. They will guarantee that if you are not a member, you will not get a job as a scientist.

Joining a secret society doesn't guarantee any job. You must be a human before the secret society allow you to be a scientist.

The ETs control the science because it is a critical profession. Attorneys, scientist, politicians, anchorman, entertainer, and scientist are critical professions.

All scientific labs are controlled by secret societies. If you are not a member of a secret society, they won't hire you.

Jobs that are available to non-human and not a member of a secret society are jobs that are non-critical.

JFK Blows The Whistle on Secret Societies!

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