BBFS is 100% safe- STDs are spiritual diseases

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The scientist can only stay in the realm of commerce. They cannot address non-human and non-Extra-Terrestrial being. There is really no words to label non-human and non-ET beings.

BBFS is 100% safe for non-human. STDs only affect humans. Magic Johnson contracted HIV because he is a shapeshifter.

STDs are spiritual diseases. Scientist and medical professional will claim that STDs are physical and not spiritual diseases. Physical is another form of spiritual. It is a play on words.

STDs are a commerce disease. Commerce is spiritual in the 4th dimension.

Article I Section 8 state that the Federal government can regulate commerce. The Center For Disease Control (CDC) only stay within the realm of commerce.

The medical professions are taught human medicine. They cannot treat non-human and non-ET beings. You have to agree to be a human being to obtain treatment from a licensed physicians.

The media is controlled by secret societies. They can only be in commerce. So they can only give news about human beings (shape shifters)..

You cannot get STDs from BBFS if you are not a human (shapeshifter). BBFS is 100% safe for non-human.

The BBFS and the STDs scare is caused by you confuse you (yourself is a spirit that why I didn't write you) as a human.

It is a good idea to bring spermicide and emergency contraceptive pill to your escort appointment. Make sure that you talk to the escort about birth control to prevent pregnancy.

Condoms take away sensation. That why I never use condom when I screw.

It is time to abandon condoms in the hobbying and escorting community.

Some hookers I screw have norplant so I don't worry about birth control. Some hookers I screw take the emergency contraceptives.

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