Louisiana Person- Harry Potter and Sorcerer's Stone

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The person is Professor Quirinus Quirrell. The person is a shapeshifting clay. Since he had two faces, that make him persons. In Louisiana statutes, it mention about the body of the persons.

-Person- includes a human being from the moment of fertilization and implantation and also includes a body of persons, whether incorporated or not.- Louisiana Revised Statutes 14:2

Professor Quirinus Quirrell said that he had no body and looking for the body. He is a parasite that lives off unicorn blood. The unicorn blood cannot give him a body.

The person is a trust situation. The ALL CAPITAL NAME is the trust. The Upper and Lowercase name is the trustee.

The philosopher's stone is the trustee which is the Upper and Lowercase name. How do I know? I found out on the Episcopalian confirmation class.

The certificate of birth is the evidence of the philosopher's stone existence.

The Upper and Lowercase name (ex. Joe Job) is the one selling the doves from the ALL CAPITAL NAMED person.

The State of Louisiana is charging the ALL CAPITAL NAME because they are replacing the doves that were sold. There is a service tax for the sale of doves. The penal bill is hidden in the Federal Reserve Bank or the judge's docket. The public doesn't see it.

Harry Potter is a good guy because he is the trustee of the trust. He is not allowing the body of the person to be given to the person.

The certificate of baptism is to give custody of the body of the person over to the one catholic church. In return, they give you a white/silver stone. That is the beneficiary stone.

You lost your beneficiary stone through the certificate of live birth issued by the city or county health department. That is your birthright.

You became the trustee by holding onto the philosopher's stone. You give up custody of the philosopher's stone through baptism in the one catholic church.

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