Dove Cameron Appears In Person (Genie Bottle)

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Appearing In Person is possible. There is a way to shape-shift into the genie bottle which is a person.

When the cop take a mug shot of you, they are taking a picture of the spirit inside the genie bottle which is a person.

The person is stones, clay, and paper. The beautiful people in Marilyn Manson video is made of Extra-Terrestrial clay. It becomes alive when applied static electric.

The philosopher's stone is called the body. The clay is not the body but it is called the head.

Each state may have a different person. Why? Each state has a trust or administer a trust for you. The ALL CAPITAL NAME is a trust. The con game is the same. You are holding onto the philosoper's stone. The philosopher's stone is the trustee.

The trustee sells the male and female dove which are called sexual (male and female doves) intercourse (commerce). The state have to preserve the doves in the clay statutes (Frankenstein monster, beautiful people, etc).

That why the charges is against the ALL CAPITAL NAME. The court is looking for the trustee (body) because the body is the one having the money from the sale and not paying the taxes.

Taxes is service charges for the state replacing the doves. The state is executor of your own estate.

The certificate of baptism is proof that the trustee ended up in the One Catholic Church. Jesus is holding the body of the person. You are the beneficiary of the ALL CAPITAL NAME estate.

If you probate it out, you may able to get the Frankenstein monster that will do all your work for you. It is artificial intelligence that free up your time so you can do what you like.

The state is holding the Frankenstein monster, Beautiful People, Rose Quartz, diamonds and pearls, etc. until you grow up. These are powerful gifts that is for adults.

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