Premarital Sex & Cheating-Cop Killing Properties!!!

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Adam and Eve were the first sinners. They ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. The priest in the Episcopalian church said it was a good thing because it waken the frontal lobe of the Reptilians.

The sex act is the selling of the hermaphrodite human souls. The word "sexual" in the legal definition means the characteristics of the sex organs. The character is the human animation. The word "animation" and "animal" comes from the same latin root. So the sex act is the soul of sex organ transfer.

The good and evil is the self jointed with the prostitute. The prostitute is a soul that is sin. Once the soul join in the philosopher's stone, it cannot be used for the Ood attack.

Marriage involves with one of the philosopher's stone in the birth certificate estate.

Marriage is permission from the state or the church to joint together the souls in the rocks (persons). The church and state is certifying that they clean the sins out of the hermaphodrite souls and the souls don't have the souls of blood relative. The blood relative can be a co-sin. Co sin means that it has two sinning souls. The blood in the biblical language has to do with a type of souls.

The DNA is the holographic stuff that is inside the doves. It has nothing to do with you. Two doves with too similar DNA structure jointed together make a soul that is not elective in the attack Ood attack on the cops.

The main intent of the church and state is to preserve the cop killing properties in the philosopher's stone for the beneficiary.

It is not a good idea to cheat have your philosopher's stone (person) sleep with someone that is not your spouse. Your spouse's stone has been purified from original sins. It is a debt because the church or state have to clean up the stones. It takes allot of spiritual work and they may charge you for it.

The bible cannot address you doing BBBJ or BBBFS or Greek with an escort. The bible is the book that only stay within the realm of commerce and the person. So you don't have to feel guilty for banging escorts.

Paul is writing concerning the person (body politics and corporate) and the administration of the trust. He cannot address you. The con is to get you to believe it involve you.

The self is the spirit inside the philosopher's stone. Steve Universe was talking to himself which was Rose Quartz in the Steve Universe Cartoon.

The State is demanding the defendant (Jesus Christ Mummy) to pay money. When you come as the beneficiary, the Jesus Christ mummy comes out of the One Catholic Church activated by music. Then it comes to court and it send the spirit into the state stone.

The state stone has the spirit to make payment to the cops. The cops receive money (static electric shock) in their forehead. The ALL CAPITAL NAME for the cop refers to the forehead which is the capital.

The word "capital" means head in Latin. Once the payment goes through the state stone, it will transmit by telepathic direct deposit to pay the cops. Once the cop receive their pay, they will die and go to hell.

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