Why There Are Gay Friendly Churches & Governments???

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The churches are talking about commerce. The reason why there are gay friendly churches is because they are viewing the two gay men banging is noncommercial. The bible was writing concerning selling doves from the young boys. That is the reason why the Episcopalian Church accept GLBT.

When you mention the gay lifestyle to the Orthodox Christian Church, they are talking in the context of commerce. They are having the presumption the gay men are selling doves.

All governments comes out the Holy Roman Empire which is the Vatican. Why are there gay friendly and gay hating nations.

If you talk to the Episcopalian church, the priest will tell you that the sin of Sodomy has to do with gay male prostitution. The gay male prostitution has to do with selling doves from young boys. Since you don't know how to administer the trust that you are appointed, then it is a sin. The church refuses to put the money back in the trust for the beneficiary.

Two adult gay men engaging in greek or blowjob has been rebutted as noncommercial that why it is not a sin. That idea or phase in the Episcopalian church has the presumption of noncommercial that why it is not a sin.

In the Orthodox Christian church, that idea carries the presumption of commerce. That why it is a sin.

United States is controlled by the Vatican. Iran and Saudi Arabia is controlled by the Vatican. It deals with phases. The same phase of gay adult men having sex have different presumption depending on the nation.

Gay adult men having sex is considered noncommercial because these phrases already rebutted the presumption of commerce in United States due to the US Supreme Court ruling Lawrence v Texas. In Iran and Saudi Arabia, the presumption of commerce has not been rebutted. These phase or idea has the presumption of commerce that why the person is eligible for the death penalty.

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