Stewie (Family Guy), Hitler, and Nevada Person!!!

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Stewie represent Hitler. To represent means to take on the character of another without their consent or knowledge to gain some advantage.

Stewie represented Hitler when he went into the nuclear development plant. He told the scientist that he want to borrow the Uranium. Stewie stole the Uranium so he can power the time machine.

1 USC 8 defines a human being to includes every infant member of the homo sapiens species. The infant member is the self (spirit) that looks like Stewie.

Then Stewie bump into Hitler. Stewie mirrored Hitler's infant member of the homo sapiens species. The dog is property and part of the Nevada person (philosopher's stone which is the birth certificate stone).

-Personal property- defined.  -Personal property- includes dogs and all domestic animals and birds, water, gas and electricity, all kinds or descriptions of money, chattels and effects, - NRS 193.021

So Hitler thought he was looking into his Nevada person. That why he didn't order the guards to arrest the dog and Stewie.

When Stewie stick his tongue out at Hitler, he realized he was not looking into his Nevada person (philosopher's stone). He realize that he was looking at his representatives.

The guards arrest them. Hitler said that if they give a show, he will spare them being shot to death. Stewie and his crew jump into the time machine.

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