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Your mom and dad got con into an adoption by the doctor. The word -child- means child by adoption.

The state set up a trust for you. The trustee (ex. agent, natural person, receiver, representative, etc.) was made by cutting the philosopher's stone. The state adopted one body with capital. That why your name is in ALL CAPITAL LETTER on the certificate of birth.

The state send the body that was cut off to the One Catholic Church to trade it for the beautiful people for you. You can see the beautiful people in Marilyn Manson music video -Beautiful People-.

The Beautiful people are inorganic. They are made of Extra-terrestrial clay and they operate on static electric. This technology is not released to the public because it will free mankind from slavery. The beautiful people has static electric to discharge the debt under Public Law 73-10.

The Social Security Administration came to take control of the life. They inputted the Social Security bird (dove) into the life. It becomes the temple of the holy dove.

Since the debt for the bird was not discharge by the beautiful people, it is under lease. That why the ALL CAPITAL NAME doesn't belong to you.

The Upper and Lowercase name without middle name (ex. Joe Job) is a minister. The minister is the white stone which is the beautiful people. How do I know? The Episcopalian Parish gave me this name with white name tag and told me that the person is a minster. In the Unitarian Universal Church, the white name tag has only first and last name without middle name.

The all three name in Upper and Lowercase is the philosopher's stone which is the heart of the ocean (ex. Joe Blow Job). How do I know? That was the name that I surrender in confirmation class. The priest allow me to take the blue stone home and bring it. I give it on the alter and we sign a certificate of baptism.

What happen is the school system and society taught us to personate the beautiful people that supposed to discharge debt. They taught us that we are person and to sign in Upper and Lowercase (ex. Joe B. Job). That how we become responsible for the debt.

When you sign with an X by the signature and Upper and Lowercase, you admit to be the beautiful people. The zombie which was Jesus Barabbas got off the cross. That is the zombie that is responsible to discharge debt.

When you see the signature line, the proper way to sign is with a cross out X. Put an cross through the X to make it a north star. Then sign in all lowercase (ex. joe blow job). You signing as the beneficiary in the trust.

You cannot be the trustee of the trust because you don't have knowledge of the trust. The church train the beautiful people who are dead in baptism to administer the Social Security Trust (ex. JOE BLOW JOB XXX-XX-1035.

If you want the beautiful people to discharge the debt, you have to claim that you are the beneficiary, and you surrender the case to the beautiful people in the One Catholic Church.

The con game is to get you to personate the beautiful people. The con is to get you to work for the beautiful people. The beautiful people supposed to be working for you.

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