Person Is Clay!!! The Body Is Stone!!!

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The state formed a person. They took the soul and place it into a philosopher's stone. The body is the temple for the spirit and the power source. The clay gives the person mobility and it doesn't retain any power. Professor Quirinus Quirrell said he lives on Unicorn blood because he doesn't have the body. A person can live on an alternative which is Unicorn blood.

One body ended up with the one catholic church. The other stone the state formed the blueman's group.

The ALL CAPITAL NAME refers to the blueman's group. The pink color stone was wrapped in blue clay. That is the corporation. That becomes the principle.

The Frankenstein monster is under seal. That why you see the green-yellow on the back of the Indiana Certificate of birth.

The Secretary of State refuses to authenticate the county or city certificate of birth because they know the Frankenstein monster is not deposited with the county or city.

The other stone was shipped to the One Catholic Church to form the employee, agent, trustee, etc. The one catholic church made the beautiful people, Professor Quirinus Quirrell, Disposable Teen, Zombie, etc. That is the one supposed to discharge the debt.

In Indiana, a court file not for public viewing is in the green folder. The green folder is sign of the Frankenstein monster. From Steve Universe, it shows that yellow diamond and blue diamond shattered Pink Diamond.

So the crime is the judge uses the Frankenstein Monster. Since it was not yours that is how the identity thief is happening. The Frankenstein monster is the private person.

It is under seal so the state never got it deposited into the county. The Frankenstein monster is your inheritance that you never received and it is used against you in court cases.

So the public person is the blueman's group. The private person is the Frankenstein Monster.

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