Porn Corporation- A Porn Genie Snow Globe!!!

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A corporation is made of individuals bodies. Each type of philospher's stone have a certain type of doves. The different types of clay have a different static electric.

The temple is the corporation which is a type of snow globe.

A corporation in law can be a philosopher's stone snow globe. A corporation is artificial because it is formed by an artist. Each philosopher's stone is a different body. When wrapped in clay, it becomes a person.

The magical science is to make a porn genie snow globe that with certain vibration it can help you to de-materialize and enter the porn sub-dimension in the 4th dimension.

The clay or the cement is to hold static electric. The static electric is the Frankenstein monster energy that will help your electrons to shapeshift into the porn dimension. There is a science how to make the genie porn snow globe

That is the graven image which is considered a corporation in statutes. The corporate body is the philosopher's stone. The corporate person is the Extra-Terrestrial clay.

The sexual services is to sell the doves and the static electric from the porn genie snow globe.

The cop caught the natural person selling the doves from the porn genie snow globe. The prosecutor charges the porn genie snow globe (corporation) and they go after the natural person because the state have to spend funds to replace the doves being sold from the porn genie snow globe

The natural person (ex. Joe Job) is the actor who sold the doves from the porn genie snow globe (JOE B. JOB). It is considered a sex act to sell the doves from these genie snow globe.

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