Madonna Will Release Social Security Bird!!

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The snow globe is the sea of glass. It contains different doves in different organs. The doves sail between the organs to create free energy. You can call it a philosopher's stone.

The Upper and Lowercase name (ex Joe Blow Job) which was a philosopher's stone was given to the One Catholic Church to make a statutory person called Madonna (individuals).

The snow globe, sea of glass, and Ocean of violet and blue (Prince When Doves cry) is the temple of the Social Security Administration.

In Corinthians, Paul was writing to the beautiful people that their bodies are the temple of the holy spirit. They are not their own because the Lord God deposited the holy spirit.

The Social Security Administration did the same thing with the temple. They put a bird that why you don't have title to the ALL CAPITAL NAME.

The Social Security Administration is the title holder to the ALL CAPITAL NAME through commercial liens. The State is the landlord or executor. The person (Madonna) is the owner of the name. The only position is that you are the beneficiary of the name.

The police (politics lease) is to catch those who sell doves from the Social Security temple and enforce the temple taxation.

Madonna said that give yourself to her. Love is a bird and it needs to fly. Your hearts (temple) is Frozen.

You can find the music video by typing (Madonna Frozen) in a Youtube search engine.

Star boys used the cross to smash the glass because they are temples. After the murder, he let the Social Security bird fly back to the Social Security Administration.

All you need to do is to tell the judge that the owner of the name is Madonna. She is within the one catholic church. You want to give the ALL CAPITAL NAME and the case over to her because she is the owner. I want title to my life. Since you won't disclose the instrument of the names and I don't meet the statutory definition of person, I can only be the beneficiary.

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