CO and NE PL-Sex With Marble In The Dick!!!

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The real and personal property of sexual activity is the blue diamond. That is the birth certificate stone. The philosopher's stone is in the ALL CAPITAL NAME account.

I don't think you will disagree that real estate is land and mineral. So the philosopher's stone is real estate. The crime of prostitution includes the possession of the real and personal property of sexual intercourse.

I met a street hooker and we became friends. She told me her new boyfriend who is Mormon have a marble in his dick. I didn't know why he have to have a marble in his dick.

Thinking back, I believe he have a marble to absorb the real and personal energy in sexual intercourse. I believe he uses the electro-spiritual field to shapeshift. When I met him, he have the smell of the Mormon. So he have to be a shapeshifter.

That is the deep reason why there are human having marbles in their dicks.

My friend john-william said that in the secret society, the spirit is real and the physical is an illusion. The electrons make an illusion something is solid.

The commercial crime in prostitution is the sale of the doves from the marble that has been charged with the electro-spiritual. In light waves, there is electro-magnetism. The dove is electro-spiritual. In South Dakota criminal code, the word "services" includes electric. So the sexual services have to be the electro-spiritual power generated by sexual intercourse.

Sexual intercourse is a method of generating electro-spiritual power. The electric generator in power plant generate electric power.

Now it makes more sense. The prosecutor charges the ALL CAPITAL NAME. That is the philosopher's stone. The word "charge" means to add. The prosecutor is adding electro-spiritual power back into the stone. The person have to come to court to discharge the debt. The state is demanding payment on the service bill to replace the electro-spiritual power in the stone. In battery, charging is adding electric.

Bodily movement means doves movement. The words is the carnal waves. In John 1, the word became flesh and dwell among us. The possession of property is the transmission of the electro (persona) -spiritual (real) power.


(1) Any person who performs or offers or agrees to perform any act of sexual intercourse... Colorado Revised Statutes 18-7-201 (2017)

-(1) -Act- means a bodily movement, and includes words and possession of property."-C.R.C 18-1-501 (2017)

The minimum requirement for criminal liability is the performance by a person of conduct which includes a voluntary act or the omission to perform an act.-C.R.S. 18-1-502 (2017)


(1) Act shall mean a bodily movement, and includes words and possession of property;-Nebraska Revised Statute 28-109

(1) Except as provided in subsection (5) of this section, any person who performs, offers, or agrees to perform any act of sexual contact or sexual penetration,..-Nebraska Revised Statute 28-801

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