Sexual Arousal-Jesus Help ET Animal To Evolve!!!

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Jesus Barabass was the high priest that help ET animals to evolve to look like men and women. Mary Magdalene was a mermaid. The word "Magdalene" means fish. In the Gnostic gospel, Mary Magdalene thank Jesus for providing a way they can become true human beings.

The biology classes are controlled by secret societies. They teach the students about how ET and archons beings evolve. The archons came from the chemical soup. The ET animals became human.

In California v. Freeman, the porn stars were not selling the electro-spiritual power for sexual organs growth or sex organs stop growing. The orgasm or the wish to get banged that the porn stars experience had nothing to do with sexual arousal or gratification. Porn stars experience orgasm and wishes to get banged.

Sexual Arousal stimulate the sex organ growth. Sexual Gratification is satisfying the appetite of the sex organs which stop the growth.

The touch of the sex organs is the buying and selling of the electro-spiritual power of the sex organs. Kehlani - Touch [Official Video] in Youtube shows you the word "touch" has to do with ET shape shifting.

In Arizona Revised Statutes, the words "sexual conduct" under a fee arrangement is using the sex organs or the body (philosopher's stone) under a commercial liens to transmit the electro-spiritual power.

Archons are 4th dimension beings. The chemical soup to make a human is not impossible. It can be made by scientist in the secret societies. There is some energy that requires in addition to electron bonding for enzymes, protein, and other parts of the cell that they don't teach you in science classes.

All the science professors are controlled by secret societies.

They need electro-spiritual power from a human being, man, or woman for these enzymes, protein, and other parts of the cells to bind properly.

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