Genital Pearl Is A Gift From The Creator!!!

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Why do you have genital pearl (philosopher's stone charged with sexual activity power)?

The answer lies in the founding of our nation. The founding fathers wrote the founding documents to give the government authority to manage your trust.

When you were born, you are given gifts of life, liberty, and property from the creator (grantor). These are Extra-Terrestrial gifts. The life is the red philosopher's stone. Liberty is the green philosopher's stone. The property is the blue sapphire philosopher's stone. I may not be correct on the colors. It can be more than just stones. It can be some UFO devices.

The person which is a paperwork trust was formed for the grantor (creator) to deposit the gifts in the trust. A person is made of clay. Paper is clay. The body is stones.

The government is a big trust administrator like a bank. The trust management requires revenue to keep the operation going. So they allow the person to use the items in the trust to transmit doves or sell the doves but the person going to pay tax. A fine for a violation is a form of taxation.

The courts allow the accessing of the doves for noncommercial purpose like the personal use of the anal doves from the stone called liberty. The state will replace it free of charge. The commercial use or sale of the doves from the stones will result in taxation. That is to raise revenue to administer the trust until the people grow out of their insanity.

How you got into the slavery is through lies and deceit. You were placed in the position of being a person (trustee) rather than the beneficiary. The trustee of the paperwork fictional trust (ALL CAPITAL NAME) is the beautiful people or the holographic gemstones in Steve Universe Cartoon.

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