Queeny's Mission Statement 2015!

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Hello Friends & Fans, I have great news to share....xoxoxox I'm postponing my 4/20/2015 retirement till later this year. As you all know I've been working on a new adventure which entails #1 Queeny's Adventures with my Pornobago. I was going to put webcams in it and take the show on the road. #2 was the up and coming Queeny's Weenies of Boston Hot Dog food truck. I've been searching many years for that perfect affordable RV to do a such an adventure and business. Well I found one and got the deal made for it to be mine! Finally! We are all on the new adventure together. Here's where the "Mission Statement" comes in...... the RV is only $6500.00. I need to earn that donation! That's why my 4/20/15 retirement is on hold. In April I'm running an overnight special. That info is on my site under the "Queeny's Donations". If you are interested in helping me on this awesome adventure and mission let me know. I need all my friends & fans to make this work. We are the New England team for sure.....Team = together/endeavor/adventure/mission! Luv Queeny
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