To the hobbyists: Why transsexuals?

Posted by DrBeaverboy , Sun, Feb 21, 2010, 13:41:24 Post Reply Reviews by DrBeaverboyTS/TV Message BoardMain site

To the hobbyists out there: Why do you seek out transwomen(MtFs) as providers?

Also, how does this interact with your own sexual orientation?

Were you aware that it is possible to be transsexual the other way around - born and raised as female then becoming male (FtM)? And have you ever considered if you might be attracted to that gender variation?

(Yes... I'm asking this from the perspective of a new FtM provider, and yes, I know this message gets my business some attention, but that's not my primary purpose in starting this thread; I really would like to know more about hobbyists's perspectives on these questions, especially the first one.)
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