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Hello All,

It's been awhile since I've been at Eros but the same scammers are still at work. In some cases they are rehashing older names so I'll just keep what I wrote in the past copied out below. Each description reads pretty much the same with rates around $$ to $$20. All the photos are stock images. The name changes and respellings mean that they know they're being reviewed here and the listings cover every category. The sheer volume of scam ads means they must be buying ad space in bulk from Eros and/or just doing a great job of scamming!

Nadeen has now changed her name to Naydine (again, I think). You can add Dahlia, Debra, Pearl, Priya, Shelbee, Jessika, Reece, Vashtee, Leanne, Mackenzie, Suzie, Simone, Shakeela, Danica, Alaine, Veronika, Savhanna, Daisy, Sydney, Connee, Destaney, Brandee, Brittany.

Good Luck! If you're one of these providers and you protest having your name posted here, please feel free to say so. That way we'll have proof you lurk around here checking for scam alerts. I look forward to your reply!

FROM DECEMBER: New names to add to the list: Marci, Giovanna, Mackenzey, Francine, Reece, Audrey, and Brandee. Despite different email addresses and phone numbers, they all dial to the same "concierge" handler.

I'd also be wary of certain younger postings since they sound so much alike in the descriptions: Savanha, Yasmin, Shannon, Ashlei, Tonya, Jorgia, Sydney, Anisha, Sheela, Destinee, Vashtee, Elaine, and Jessika.

Watch for like or similar spellings since they aren't above changing their names slightly to avoid scam searches here at BD. Good example is "Audrey". She was "Audree" (see below). They do watch the board and they do like their money!


WARNING: Linda, Donna, Audree, Terry, Dakota, Cindy, Nadeen and Karoline might very well be the same person! I've just made four phone calls in the space of 5 minutes and got the same girl answering the phone! Keep in mind that these are ALL separate phone numbers, separate emails. None of the "mature" providers, all from Eros-DC, claim to be with any agency and, from the reviews I've read about Nadine, Nadeen or Naydeen as well as my run-in last year with Trinity or Triniti I think it's safe to say this tag team has quite a racket going on here!

I've noticed that Caroline is now Karoline. Not sure about Cindy or Dakota or just what the hell is going on here but YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED! Something is up and I can't help wonder what is happening. At this point, I'm liable to believe anything...even a law enforcement sting.

Just now called Terry, Audree, Donna and Linda and am getting the same person again. She's now putting me on hold or just hanging up.

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