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  Reviewed Escort/Agency Location Public Comments Recommend
Read 06-14-2009 Dallas4u Houston, TX Dallas promises a wild ride... Yes
Read 05-31-2009 Ashlyn Allure Knoxville, TN I've been hoping Ashlyn wou... Yes
Read 11-22-2008 Jordyn Of Ky Louisville, KY Haven't see Jordyn in a few... Yes
Read 09-16-2008 Kira Cincinnati, OH Got the chance to spend a w... Yes
Read 08-20-2008 Sherie Atlanta, GA Sherie came highly recommen... Yes
Read 07-10-2008 Dreamgirl Aka Petite Paige Huntsville, AL Paige and I have constantly... Yes
Read 06-10-2008 Tristan Atlanta, GA If you like petite girls li... Yes
Read 06-01-2008 Randy Birmingham, AL Had a wonderful time with R... Yes
Read 04-25-2008 Tiffany Taylor Atlanta, GA Tiffany is a very attractiv... Yes
Read 04-04-2008 Australian Lady Nashville, TN Thanks to a rare weekday of... Yes
Read 03-15-2008 Sassy Birmingham, AL If you've ever had the fant... Yes
Read 02-14-2008 Lexilove Birmingham, AL If you get the chance to se... Yes
Read 01-10-2008 Cammie Birmingham, AL Cammie is definitely a must... Yes
Read 01-01-2008 Sammie Sparks Los Angeles, CA If you ever have the fantas... Yes
Read 12-08-2007 Kira Cincinnati, OH Kira is one of the finest l... Yes
Read 03-03-2005 Jill Morgan Boca Raton, FL I had been looking forward ... Yes
Read 10-10-2004 Veronica Monroe Philadelphia, PA When Veronica announced she... Yes
Read 09-12-2004 Angela Los Angeles, CA Angela and I have been chat... Yes
Read 08-01-2004 Sammie Sparks Los Angeles, CA Sammie has always been very... Yes
Read 06-05-2004 Chantel Knoxville, TN I've been looking forward t... Yes
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