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  Reviewed Escort/Agency Location Public Comments Recommend
Read 03-03-2010 Alisha1972 Austin, TX Delightful Alisha showed me... Yes
Read 01-06-2010 Alix Lakehurst Chicago, IL Alix Lakehurst was a lovely... Yes
Read 07-29-2009 Krisi Tampa, FL Krisy was visiting Jacksonv... Yes
Read 07-28-2009 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN I did not marry this woman ... Yes
Read 06-16-2009 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN The Lady is my favorite wife. Yes
Read 09-06-2008 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN My repeated return to her a... Yes
Read 06-29-2008 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN Lady Ann continues to be my... Yes
Read 01-12-2008 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN Lady Indy Ann is the quinte... Yes
Read 08-30-2007 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN OH, I DON'T KNOW WHY I BOTH... Yes
Read 08-01-2007 Madison Memphis, TN Don Juan got married again. Yes
Read 07-29-2007 Miss Tammy Memphis, TN Ms Tammy is a delight!! Yes
Read 07-26-2007 Megan Love Nashville, TN I seem to always get lucky;... Yes
Read 07-10-2007 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN I LOVE A WOMAN WITH ENTHUSI... Yes
Read 06-27-2007 Ashley Nashville, TN A true Southern Lady; prett... Yes
Read 05-18-2007 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN Lady Ann married me again; ... Yes
Read 02-21-2007 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN I have married this woman m... Yes
Read 01-11-2007 Riley O'hara Chicago, IL Riley O'Hara is a lovely la... Yes
Read 12-07-2006 Redhead Minneapolis, MN ENTHUSIASM. Newly defined. ... Yes
Read 11-05-2006 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN Once again; Don Juanito was... Yes
Read 10-05-2006 Indy Ann Indianapolis, IN My penis is a man of my word! Yes
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