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  Reviewed Escort/Agency Location Public Comments Recommend
Read 04-26-2012 Backinthesack Greenville, SC First time, certainly not t... Yes
Read 12-17-2011 Ashley Ann Gainesville, FL Down to earth and easy goin... Yes
Read 02-08-2010 Sexxybonnie Myrtle Beach, SC Fun time, fun lady. Grab t... Yes
Read 07-29-2009 Cinderella Jacksonville, FL Incredible! Yes
Read 11-29-2008 Ccofnc Raleigh, NC Wow. Take your vitamins and... Yes
Read 08-28-2008 Gina Jacksonville, FL Wow, Wow, and Wow!!! Yes
Read 08-13-2008 Starr Greensboro, NC Amazing....totally Amazing!!! Yes
Read 08-01-2008 Cinderella Jacksonville, FL Finally got the opportunity... Yes
Read 03-27-2008 Gina Jacksonville, FL The most Incredible experie... Yes
Read 01-19-2008 Lorelei Leigh Orlando, FL Perfect experience, as always Yes
Read 01-04-2008 Sexxy Bonnie Fayetteville, NC Hot time with a hot lady. Yes
Read 08-29-2007 Gina Jacksonville, FL Top of the line! A real lif... Yes
Read 08-11-2007 Hailey-Julia Raleigh, NC Gorgeous lady, unbelievably... Yes
Read 07-08-2007 Gina Jacksonville, FL Amazing, totally amazing! Yes
Read 03-23-2007 Kirsten Raleigh, NC She is still one of the bes... Yes
Read 12-31-2006 Kirsten Raleigh, NC Hot and sexy, as always..... Yes
Read 12-02-2006 Lorelei Leigh Orlando, FL Always a great experience Yes
Read 11-22-2006 Gina Jacksonville, FL Perfection personified. It... Yes
Read 10-25-2006 Vivian Raleigh, NC Hot, hot, hot and fun, fun,... Yes
Read 10-09-2006 Ccofnc Raleigh, NC Nice time, hot time, and ve... Yes
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