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  Reviewed Escort/Agency Location Public Comments Recommend
Read 11-04-2010 Victoria Jolie Montreal, QC I had been waiting quite so... Yes
Read 05-02-2010 Mackenzi Richards New York, NY This New York lady is one I... Yes
Read 02-09-2010 Candy Kemp Nashville, TN Candy is an incredible lady... Yes
Read 07-13-2009 Jovanna Jourdan Nashville, TN Wow! Jovanna is one fun, e... Yes
Read 05-17-2009 Eva Knevil Knoxville, TN - An exciting and fun time ... Yes
Read 04-19-2009 Candy Kemp Nashville, TN An incredible woman; a fant... Yes
Read 12-24-2008 Adison Dupree Nashville, TN Whenever I want an experien... Yes
Read 12-15-2008 Jordyn Of Ky Louisville, KY I cannot say enough good th... Yes
Read 12-13-2008 Nikki Lee Nashville, TN I renewed an acquaintance w... Yes
Read 11-25-2008 Natalie Chase Detroit, MI - What an incredibly sexy l... Yes
Read 07-27-2008 Jordyn Of Ky Louisville, KY EXACTLY the way it oughta b... Yes
Read 06-24-2008 Lena-Renee Nashville, TN What do you want? To exper... Yes
Read 06-18-2008 Adison Dupree Nashville, TN Nice...SO very NICE! I'm s... Yes
Read 03-15-2008 Jordyn Of Ky Louisville, KY This sexy lady is absolutel... Yes
Read 10-16-2007 Lena-Renee Nashville, TN Familiar territory...but, a... Yes
Read 06-22-2007 Lena-Renee Nashville, TN A most pleasurable time! F... Yes
Read 06-16-2007 Jordyn Of Ky Louisville, KY Exercise EXTREME CAUTION: ... Yes
Read 05-27-2007 Lena-Renee Traveling & Touring, TN I'm a creature of habit. A... Yes
Read 05-11-2007 Jordyn Of Ky Louisville, KY Just another one of those n... Yes
Read 04-29-2007 Lena-Renee Traveling & Touring, TN Another fun, exciting time.... Yes
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