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  Reviewed Escort/Agency City State
Read 12-10-2006 Gaby (2 reviews) Detroit Michigan
Read 12-09-2006 Bianca Waterford Michigan
Read 11-20-2006 Danielle (3 reviews) Detroit Michigan
Read 11-13-2006 J-Chick (2 reviews) Detroit Michigan
Read 10-24-2006 Marissa Bella (3 reviews) Detroit Michigan
Read 10-17-2006 Chastity Stunnings (2 reviews) Detroit Michigan
Read 09-19-2006 Ava Detroit Michigan
Read 09-11-2006 Aprilrivers Detroit Michigan
Read 08-28-2006 Colette_ryder Northeast Detroit... Michigan
Read 08-23-2006 Irene Southfield Michigan
Read 08-16-2006 Wet Peaches / Wet Jessie Grand Rapids Michigan
Read 08-06-2006 Asia (2 reviews) (from No Cities, NON-US) Grand Rapids Michigan
Read 08-06-2006 Eva Eva Southfield Michigan
Read 08-03-2006 Colie James Michigan Michigan
Read 07-16-2006 Ms.Sinclair Detroit Michigan
Read 07-06-2006 Dyvine (34 reviews) (from Charleston, SC) Central Michigan Michigan
Read 06-27-2006 Haley St James (3 reviews) (from Chicago, IL) Lansing Michigan
Read 06-07-2006 Klassy Karalynn Detroit Michigan
Read 05-21-2006 Miracle Detroit Michigan
Read 05-20-2006 Amour Du Jour (21 reviews) (from Fort Lauderdale, FL) Detroit Michigan
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