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  Reviewed Escort/Agency City State
Read 01-15-2008 Evan Columbus Ohio
Read 01-10-2008 Kyle Karess (35 reviews) Columbus Ohio
Read 01-06-2008 Hot (21 reviews) (from Omaha, WY) Columbus Ohio
Read 01-05-2008 Barb Cincinnati Ohio
Read 01-04-2008 Rebecca Cincinnati Ohio
Read 12-30-2007 Melissa Dayton Ohio
Read 12-28-2007 Jayde Columbus Ohio
Read 12-18-2007 Lovelyalexis (11 reviews) Columbus Ohio
Read 12-14-2007 Nikki (2 reviews) Columbus Ohio
Read 12-03-2007 Krystle Star Cincinnati Ohio
Read 11-30-2007 Brooke (5 reviews) (from Baltimore, MD) Columbus Ohio
Read 11-18-2007 Jazzzee (13 reviews) Columbus Ohio
Read 11-15-2007 Chamomile44ddd Dayton Ohio
Read 11-11-2007 Jenna Toledo Ohio
Read 11-08-2007 Brittany Monroe (2 reviews) (from Ohio, KY) Cincinnati Ohio
Read 11-05-2007 Miss Candy Cane (8 reviews) Cleveland Ohio
Read 10-21-2007 Summer (4 reviews) (from Las Vegas, NV) Columbus Ohio
Read 10-16-2007 Tatum Cincinnati Ohio
Read 10-14-2007 Vienna Levy Columbus Ohio
Read 10-13-2007 Mackenzie Cincinnati Ohio
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