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  Reviewed Escort/Agency City State
Read 04-21-2011 Jenna (25 reviews) Cincinnati Ohio
Read 04-17-2011 Sunnyday216 Columbus Ohio
Read 04-12-2011 Briannamackenzie Cleveland Ohio
Read 03-02-2011 Rylee Snow (4 reviews) (from Boston, MA) Cleveland Ohio
Read 02-13-2011 Chrystal Cincinnati Ohio
Read 02-10-2011 Sabrina Marion Ohio
Read 02-10-2011 Nicole Dublin Ohio
Read 01-18-2011 Lauren Knight (68 reviews) Columbus Ohio
Read 12-17-2010 Miss Street Car (41 reviews) (from Charelston, Huntington, WV) Cleveland Ohio
Read 11-18-2010 Andrea Banks (69 reviews) (from Lexington, KY) Dayton Ohio
Read 11-17-2010 Kate Cincinnati Ohio
Read 10-22-2010 Kira (123 reviews) Cincinnati Ohio
Read 10-11-2010 Arianna Dayton Ohio
Read 10-05-2010 Alesha (21 reviews) Cincinnati Ohio
Read 10-01-2010 Amberdelight Dayton Ohio
Read 10-01-2010 Jojo (4 reviews) Cincinnati Ohio
Read 09-29-2010 Cece (3 reviews) Cleveland Ohio
Read 09-23-2010 Tiffany Charm (8 reviews) Cincinnati Ohio
Read 09-21-2010 Cassie Columbus Ohio
Read 09-07-2010 Savana (Savana Cummings) Columbus Ohio
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