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Top Lists are generated twice daily based on information found in the Reviews Database. The calculation takes into consideration all reviews, the total amount of reviews and the 'newness' of reviews. This helps ensure that the Top List is being calculated based on relevant information instead of purely historical data.

The main purpose of its creation was to assure everyone that is 'hands off' in the selection process. That it is a fair and impartial process. And that the Users of the site are the actual people whom (through their reviews) make the determination as to who is on the Top List.

NOTE: To avoid having outdated data in the lists, an Escort MUST always have current reviews. Current is defined as having at least one review within the last three months.

Escorts, your Escort Directory listing will be cross-referenced and linked directly to your Top List entry. You will be able to edit your Top List data simply by editing your own Directory Listing.

Hobbyists, you can assist your favorite lady if when making reviews of her you first read the new directions at the top of the review page regarding linking her reviews to her Directory Listing.

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