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VIP Corner

What is the VIP Program?

The VIP Program has been designed to reward 'paid members' of the community for their contributions to the website. It is based solely on the posts and reviews that paid members make to the website. This VIP status does NOT indicate that the VIP Member is personally endorsed in any way by (other than to recognize the person as a good 'contributor' to the site.

VIP Members have a Private National Board for 'special conversations' with hundreds of other VIP members (in essence a large national backchannel group). All VIP members names will appear in 'gold letters' each time they post which will indicate that they are a strong contributor to the boards and differentiate them from other posters.

How Do I Become a VIP Member?

The basic criteria for being selected as a VIP Member and maintaining that status is as follows:

  • Must be a Male (ladies, see below for more information),
  • Must be a 'Paid Member' of,
  • Must submit a defined number of posts and reviews in a thirty (30) day period.

The formula used to calculate a person reaching VIP status is as follows:

The member will need 35 points in any given thirty (30) day look back. These points are calculated hourly, and are based on reviews (worth 15 points each) and posts to the message boards (worth 1 point each). Further, you must have posted a minimum of one (1) review within this thirty (30) day look back.

What About Us Ladies?

Due to popular demand, we've created a Special VIP status for our paid escort members...

Escorts who have earned their Special VIP status will have their posts to the message boards appear in pink and their screen will also have a 'ladies only' pink tone to it, but do not have access to the 'VIP Only Message Board'. The private area for the ladies will continue to be the 'Ladies Board'.

Escorts can earn their Special VIP status by earning 20 points within any given thirty (30) day look back. One (1) point is awarded for each 'discussion' post to the message boards. No points are awarded for 'advertisement' posts, nor are points awarded for client reviews.

NOTE: Posts with 'links' do not count......only those posts that are deemed 'discussion' posts will be included in the points towards VIP status.

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